Super Ripped Teen Bodybuilder ENIS REXHEPI

„Haters will say it’s Photoshop“, Enis Rexhepi writes beside a selfie which shows him flexing and showing off his amazingly ripped physique. The natural bodybuilder knows that there are always a few guys who are extremely envious of him about his physiqual achievements. But there are far more teenagers who take him as an example.

Enis Rexhepi is born in 1997, hails from Tetovo, a small Albanian-speaking town in Macedonia, and now lives in Winterthur in Switzerland. He started with athletic sports at the age of 10, and was occasionally boxing and lifting weights at home. At 15 he got his first gym membership and then completely changed to fitness and bodybuilding. Enis remembers: „This was a hard decision, but it payed off.“ How true: Enis is WNBF World Champion 2014 and SNBF Swiss Champion 2016. He can’t confirm that workout is bad for the process of growth. Between 15 and 18 he grew by 10 cm (4 inches), and during this time he was always lifting hard. „Of course you have to work out properly“, he adds.

At the moment he follows a three-day split. A two-day split was no fun and did not work for him. In the following two or three years he does not want to compete, but to focus on his weak points. „I want to improve my legs and my shoulders, which are important as my arms are so dominant“, he says. When asked how to work a weak muscle group he recommends a higher frequency which automatically leads to more volume.

His supplements are creatine, whey, omega 3, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin C. A low fat and high carb diet works best for him and for his clients who he mentors as personal trainer. In this position he motivates young people to exercise, to eat healthy and to keep out of drugs. He wants to show that you can get fit no matter how old you are. „All you need is a strong will, discipline, and love for sports“, Enis says and assures: „Then the sky’s the limit, and nothing can stop you.“

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